What is CTR?

Today the online world is ruling the people and you can get anything you need within a few minutes in front of your house door with the help of the online sites. Comfort is the main reason for such a huge web traffic in the online world and in order to make your business successful, it is very important to tap the web traffic towards your website.

Of course, you need to be present in the online world even though your business is completely offline. Because the customers are not searching things through physical modes anymore. They cannot even travel to the nearby shops to know what is available there. Instead, they just use their smartphones to search for nearby restaurants or shops.

In this case, the search engines are playing a predominant role in ensuring the availability of various services to the users without any complexities. This is the reason hey search engine optimisation is getting a prime space in the online marketing world today.

However, before starting with your SEO techniques it is important to learn something about the CTR. It is expanded as Click Through Rate and this is capable of changing your SEO results in a positive manner.

Click Through Rate

You need to understand the fact that the online users click not all links available in the search results. In order to know this factor you may need the help of click through rate. In other words, when a link is appearing in the search page through organic means or y paid inclusion, it should be clicked by the online user.

Only then, we could say it as a successful conversion. Just watching through eyes will not happen the business entity and the users’ needs to click and dive into the site while viewing the site and this process is called as conversion.

Conversion rate

In order to assure the conversion rate you can use the CTR. Click through rate is the percentage of total victors who have clicked a particular link in the search page. It is calculated by dividing the number of visitors clicked the link by the total number of visitors who viewed the entire results page.

It is also used to derive the success ratio of online advertisements and sometimes the page for certain advertisements are formulated only with the basis of the click through rate.

Uses of click through rate

So effective online marketing techniques need to be cautious about the click through rate because it is a good factor to understand the success of your online marketing tools. In common, scenario the search engine optimisation will affect your click through rates. Wit the help of the data of click through rates you will easily know the emotions of the online visitors.

In addition, you could derive patterns of their online visitors. Therefore, that it is a good feedback system for your online marketing techniques. The efficiency of any online marketing test is successful only when it could deliver high click through percentage.